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Today marks a very significant event in my life.. The day my other half was born ❤️ I thank God everyday for having you, @jeffrykng.
You are the kind of friend who wants people to be around with, the favorite officemate of your co-workers, the smiling agent/trainer despite the pressure, the kind of person who stands up for what he believes in and is firm with his decisions & most importantly, the man who thinks nothing else but his family first. Age is just a number, right? 😄 Lapas nka sa calendar.. Hahaha.. but okay lang, di man obvious! 😁 Continue to be all that and more, and of course, many many more birthdays for us to celebrate together. Rhiandra and I loves you so much, daddy! Happy happy birthday! 🎉😻💘💋💌🎁🎈

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